The church of St. George (Gjorgija)

      Most renowned among the Struga churches is the town's cathedral church "St. Gjorgjija", built in the year 1835, on the foundations of an older sacred object. Its exceptional wood-carved iconostasis was finished in the year 1850, and the church was completely fresco-decorated in the year 1874.

A view at the church from its yard.

      During the conservation works on this church in the year 1993, on its attic a large number of icons was discovered, dating from the 15th to the 18th century, and that, according to the quality of the painted portraits, color gamut and their shape, are a rarity not only within Macedonia, but also on a broader scale.

The icon of Sv. Gjorgji and his life - martyr's death. A pulpit in the church.
The royal doors in the church. St. George riding a horse, St. Nikola and the Holy Mother of God - throne icons in the left wing of the iconostasis.
The Royal doors, Jesus Christ and St. John Baptist - the right part of the iconostasis A charity box with an icon of St. Nikola.