Risto Krle (1900-1975)

From: Macedonia - Clasp of the World.

      Risto Krle is one of the three Macedonian drama writers from the period between the first and the second world war. He was born in Struga in a family of a shoe maker in the year 1900. He attended school only for a short period of his early life, with plenty of stops in between. Until the first Balkan war he had finished primary school and the first class of the secondary school. Under the Bulgarian occupation he finished another class of secondary school. After his father died, he stopped visiting school and started to work very young. After the first world war he followed his father's life and became a shoe maker.

      During the start of the activity of the cultural-artistic group Crni Drim from Struga, Krle was one the first participants of that group. Full 4 years of his life he spent with an amateur activity as an actor and this work inspired him to start writing drama texts. But his wish didn't come true at first because in 1925, he went to live in Pogradec (city on the shore of lake of Ohrid, Albania, populated by Macedonians) and there he used to work as shoe maker again, where he got inspired to write the drama "Parite se otepuvacka". In 1926 he came back to Struga, his native city, where he opened a shoe shop, but soon he was forced to shut it down due to competition from foreign shoe manufacturers. For a short period of his life he worked in Skopje and Belgrade. After the second world war he worked again in Skopje. For a long period of his life, till his death he was a member of the Macedonian Society of Writers. Risto Krle died at age of 75 years in Skopje. His famous arts are "Parite se otepuvacka", "Antica" and "Milioni macenici".

From: Cyber Macedonia.

      Risto Krle was born in the year of 1900 in Struga, as a son of a shoe maker. Risto's schooling occurred with some interruption. Till the First Balkan War, he finished school and one year of secondary school. After that, till the year of 1916 he had a break. Under the Bulgarian occupation he managed to successfully finished another year school. Risto's education was once again interrupted by the death of his father without any possibility to continue with his education. As a teenager he got a job in the state service, and after the war finished he inherited his fathers profession, he became a shoe maker.

      With the Cultural Artistic Group "Crni Drim" in Struga he began his activity, Krle was one of the first participants in the dilettante group. Four years Risto Krle attended an amateur acting group and his desire was to write a drama text. But his desire did not come true for a while. In 1925 he went to Podgradec in Albanian territory, where a large number of Macedonian lived. There he accepted to work as a shoe maker, staying there for one year. While working in Albania, Risto Krle had an idea for his first drama called: "Parite Se Otepuvacka" (Money is death) . When he returned in Struga he became an employee and after two years he was dismissed as being unreliable. From then on, the shoe making occupation would feed his family for a long time. He opened his own business but with competition from foreign companies, he had to close it down. Risto changed many other jobs and after the Second World War he worked in Skopje as a clerk in the Ministry for education. Years after that until his retirement, he was an employee and a member of the group of writers in Macedonia.

      Risto Krle died at the age of 75 in Skopje.